Heading into week 4

Lost 3 pounds last week. Stephanie (my dietician) made no changes to my diet, but I did have my second visit with my psychiatrist today. She’s nice enough, but it’s hard to see what we can really do if we only talk every 5 weeks or so. Basically I say everything is going well and she says glad to see that and we do that for about an hour. She is very encouraging, though. Maybe that’s her job.

I seriously need to find a good caesar salad dressing that fits my nutritional requirements. Stephanie suggested one on Monday that I need to check out. I really like grilled chicken caesar salads if I can find one that works.

In answer to some questions from comments:
1. Karen: Yes. No more cookies, at least for the next several months.
2. Jen: For exercise I do the eliptical trainer, stairmaster, treadmil, and upright bike. And tomorrow I’m going to try DDR for exercise. I’ll post more about that tomorrow.
3. Nana: Soybeans count as protein, not veggies. And edamame would be great, but salt is not really allowed. I should ask Stephanie about that though. I do enjoy edamame.

20/20 – Week 3 begins

Well, I lost 4.2 pounds last week, for a total of about 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Not bad. If I keep this rate up, I’ll weigh nothing at all in no time. Unfortunately, I’m sure I’ll slow down, but then I think I’ll up the workouts from 5 a week to 6 a week.

As for the diet, this week my dietican added yogurt to the diet. Yippee! Actually, I have no strong feelings about¬†yogurt one way or the other. She did specify a brand though – Cascade Fresh Yogurt.¬†Apparently most yogurts have a ton of sugar in them, but this brand uses fruit and milk sugars, so it’s not as bad for you.

Anyway, the upshot is I’ll be adding a serving of yogurt into my day or maybe replacing some soy nuts or an apple with yogurt.

The point of this is, according to the dietician, to see how my body responds to a bit of dairy. Let’s see what it decides to do.

Soy nuts aren't half bad

So now that I’m in my second week of 20/20, I can start to have different things for my snacks rather than just shakes. Specifically, I can have 2 ounces of protein and either a half cup of berries or a small apple. I’ve been sticking to my shakes for my morning snacks, but in the afternoons I’ve taken to eating an apple and either 2 ounces of jerkey or a serving of soy nuts.

And the important part of this post is that soy nuts aren’t bad. They’re salty and crunchy. Good stuff. Try ’em out sometime.

I knew people didn't complain this much

This mediaweek story reveals 99.8% of FCC complaints are basically fabricated, stamped out en masse by an organization called the Parents Television Council.

I bet people were a bit upset about some of the "indecency" on television, but I seriously doubt they would take the time to find out how to go about compalining to the FCC, let alone actually do it. The fact that one activist group can basically censor TV is pretty sad.

Week two of the diet begins

Saw my dietician, Stephanie, this morning for 20/20. Got a few changes to my diet.

First, instead of my snacks being a shake with 1/2 cup of berries, I can substitute any 2 ounces of protein for the shake. So I can have 2oz. jerkey or 2oz. soy nuts, etc. I can also substitute a small apple for the 1/2 cup of berries, since berries aren’t in season.

Second, vegetables are added in this week. Most veggies that aren’t very starchy are in. I’m supposed to have about 2 cups of them a day, half with lunch and half with dinner. For lunch today I had some grilled salmon with a cup of broccoli and a shake with strawberries as my first meal with veggies.

As to progress for the first week, I’ve lost 6 pounds so far. Some water weight in there, no doubt, but it’s still a good start. I need to figure out a good way to post a graph or chart on here.

Yet another bad court decision

I think this pass by the Supreme Court on hearing the case against banning masks in New York is a pretty sad statement about free speech in america. Anonymous speech strikes me as some of the most important speech to protect. After all, if you’re speaking out in unpopular ways against the powers that be, might you not want to hide exactly who you are to avoid harrasment and intimidation?

Or am I being too loose in my interpretation of "or abridging the freedom of speech"?

New Sneaks

Since I’m starting exercising seriously and I don’t know how old my tennis shoes are, I figured it was time to get some new ones. On the recommendation of my trainer, I went to a shoe store in Redmond Town Center called Foot Zone. They were great. Definitely best sneaker buying experience I’ve ever had.

The guy at the store observed the way I walked in my socks and said I "over pronated" or something like that. So he brought out a few recommended shoes to give me "motion control" and I walked on their treadmill a while in them. Eventually, I decided on the Brooks Beast.

I’m just about to meet Dave at the club to try them out. I expect I’ll be running marathons in no time now that I’m using the most advanced motion control shoes on the market.

20/20 – so far so good

First week of 20/20 is going well. Three personal trainer sessions so far for 1.5 hours each and tomorrow I’ll be doing my second "individual" session, without the trainer. These shakes are getting on my nerves though. You just can’t have five shakes a day without getting sick of them. Five of anything really. Except maybe bacon, but that’s right out.

Monday I see the dietician again. Hopefully I’ll be able to cut it down to 3 shakes a day, with meals, and eat something else for my 2 snacks.

I got a new flavor of shakes today: kiwi, orange, guava. I’m not so sure what I think about them, but they are a change from vanilla.

I wonder if I’m using the right amount of strawberries in these shakes. The dietician said 1/2 cup and I’m assuming that means volume of strawberries… It sure seems like alot though. Maybe they mean the dry volume complete with air. I’ve been submerging them in water and using the amount of displaced water to measure the volume of the strawberries. Seems reasonable to me.

I bought a pretty cool heart rate monitor for the exercising: a Polar S410. The nice thing about it is it keeps track of my rate all during exercise and when I get home I can download the workout log to my PC, which produces nice charts. And everyone loves charts.

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