New Home Office Setup – New Mac, Desk, and Organization

It’s 2014 and my home office has been in total disarray for, I think, at least 2 years.

As a reward to myself / carrot to convince me to do it, I ordered the following goodies:

  1. A new desk: The Stir Kinetic Desk.  Mine’s supposed to come in just a few weeks and I’m super excited.   My current desk is an old dining room table and, while pretty, isn’t very functional.  The Kinetic desk can raise to a standing position or lower back to sitting with the touch of a button.  It has bluetooth and wifi as well as both AC and USB power ports on each of the 2 back corners.  Super pumped.
  2. New Mac Pro.  3GHz, 8 core, 64GB ram, dual AMD D700, 1TB PCIe SSD.
  3. Newly organized office.  It’s been a mess for years and Heather helped me correct that in about 1/6 the time I thought possible.  Now it’s amazing and I love being in it.

Ok.  So, I don’t have the desk yet, so my next post will detail how I’m setting up my new mac and any updates I’ve made to that process for my records.

I’ll also update my backup strategy stuff – Drobo, Synology, etc.  They’ve got some great stuff out now.

One thought on “New Home Office Setup – New Mac, Desk, and Organization”

  1. NICE!
    Time to come visit and help offload the antiquated technology. Faust’s iPad is still going strong up here

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