Synology Arrived

Amazon delivered it around 11am this morning.

I opened it up and started reading the online manual.  Turns out that they have a Synology Hybrid RAID technology that seems close enough to Drobo’s BeyondRAID to suit my needs: you can add drives as you go, add drives with different sizes, etc.

But I overestimated how many hard drives I’ve got sitting around.

So I ordered some 3TB Hitachi 5K3000 drives to use.  They’ll come Tuesday.  Sucks that it takes so long, but it will take me a bit of time to figure out my whole backup strategy anyway…

Now I’m regretting I didn’t wait for the Synology 2411+…  Hmph.  Well, not like I need more than 9TB now anyway, but still.

Drobo emailed me back and asked if I had the thing plugged into a surge protector or directly into the wall.  WTF kind of absurd question is that?  Weaksauce.

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